Next Meeting: Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. — Table Lodge

Welcome to Greater Johnstown Lodge 538

A Message From the Worshipful Master

Ricky L. Fetzer, W.M.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve Greater Johnstown Lodge 538 as Worshipful Master in 2016. I didn't consider when I became a Mason in 2011 that in four years I would now be standing in the East. My Masonic journey has prepared me for this day amidst the encouragement of all those that came to this place before me. I attribute much to my fellow brothers in membership and to this time together that we have grown in Masonry and arrived at the point where I can, and you can, say this is my Lodge now. As it is, I am proud to say my Lodge is Greater Johnstown 538. I am proud to be among the membership at our meetings and our events and to spend time with you as friends and brothers of this great fraternity.

Many good and worthy brothers before have given the tools and knowledge to succeed in this journey as Master Masons. I hope to be more skillful at using the Trowel to continue spreading the Cement of Brotherly Love that unites us without contention, save that noble contention as to who can best work and best agree.

Throughout my journey, throughout my life actually, I've realized it takes many hands to do the work of any successful organization. I will need many of you to serve in those areas to continue the tradition of our excellent degree and lodge work. I hope to mentor and encourage new members to find a place in the Lodge where they can contribute and experience Masonry as an asset to their lives and families, in unison with making good men better. There will be a New Members' Night during my year to build a foundation for our new members and enlighten why we came to the Lodge in the first place.

Our Lodge is moving forward because we have diligently worked at it and further we shall continue in harmony and the spirit of brotherly love!


Ricky L. Fetzer, W.M.

Latest News

Lodge Fundraising —

The Lodge is selling BonTon coupon booklets that offer special discount shopping during Community Days at BonTon on February 26 and 27. The booklets are $5 each with the proceeds benefiting the Past Masters' Fund. Included is a $10 off a $10 purchase so you&n;get your money back. The Lodge benefits and you save money shopping at BonTons. It's easy to purchase the booklets, just click the following link to our BonTon webpage for all—the details and to purchase on line with free delivery to your home address. Share with your friends and family and support this event – click the link: BonTon Community Days Booklet

Please see any Lodge officer for a Hoss's Restaurant "Cash Cow Card". You can eat at Hoss's anytime on March 13 and all your family and friends are welcome as well. Lodge officers are planning to meet as a group at 6 PM and all are welcome to join us. Please present your "Cash Cow Card" when checking out, the Lodge gets a rebate percent of the total, the more sales the higher the rebate. Please RSVP , to leave your RSVP so Hoss's has an idea of the number of participants. Remember it's only March 13, you can go anytime and you must take the Cash Cow Card with you to Hoss's.

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